The team was abruptly assaulted by the Lycaon and his awesome number of lycanthropes

The team was abruptly assaulted by the Lycaon and his awesome number of lycanthropes

If you’re resting from inside the a hill cave after Spanking Dating Dienst going back Leo and you may Piper back once again to typical, Piper shows the secret she ended up being holding the complete big date: brand new monster Enceladus got ordered the girl to help you ruin the fresh new journey when you look at the get back towards defense away from her dad. She wants the team to turn the right back on her behalf, it is treated after they morale this lady instead and you can share with her that they carry out save each other their dad and you can Hera.

The team tries to attack the fresh new werewolves along with their weapons when it discover that merely silver can also be injury the newest werewolves. With the cue, silver arrows take brand new werewolves and beasts sanctuary. The fresh Candidates upcoming arrive, that have Thalia Sophistication leading the way. Thalia upcoming purchases the other Candidates to check out Lycaon’s trail. As the Piper keeps developed hypothermia, Thalia asks the remaining Hunter to deal with Piper and new satyr, leaving their with Jason and you may Leo, aforementioned being quickly interested in the girl. Leo sense that a couple siblings should be alone and you can transforms to exit, however, Jason requires your to stay. Thalia grudgingly accepts their business.

Thalia teaches you so you’re able to Jason that their mother is went to because of the Zeus double. Immediately after Zeus remaining their mother for the first time, she had worse and started initially to act irrationally, watching getting Zeus’ desire as the ultimate honor. Whenever Zeus came back an extra date, she was happy and you can improved. Thalia noticed that he had been stricter and spoke in Latin sometimes. He remaining the mother for good another big date because she got pestered your to give the woman immortality. After that, eventually, the mommy got motivated these to a location they had constantly known ? new Wolf Household. She leftover the automobile which have Jason and you may came back rather than your. Losing Jason try the final straw to possess Thalia, and you will she ran away. Thalia adds you to their mother passed away operating while consuming. She following informs both one to Artemis got place them towards the trail off Lycaon because it create lead them to the missing pal.

They go in the slope and tend to be escorted from the a mood, Mellie, the fresh new secretary away from Aeolus exactly who it mistake having a great ghost

Thalia up coming guides these to Aeolus’ castle (a floating mountain), and in acquisition to enter, they want to cross a suspended link. Since they are crossing, Leo all of a sudden gets a concept. He voices which out loud and you can states that perhaps Jason is actually a link anywhere between two cities ? a move. Basing his advice away from Jason’s fantasy, he and additionally claims one to Hera try kept in new Wolf Family. The guy becomes excited because of the these types of details that causes themselves to-burst to your fire, ergo melting the fresh new freeze connection while you are Thalia still has but really so you’re able to cross it. Thalia tells him or her that the Hunters is certainly going on Wolf Household and you will hold on a minute while they save your self Piper’s father throughout the icon. She plus says you to Jason already understands in which it’s and that they may fulfill once again soon.

Just like the a transfer goes one another implies, then missing half of-blood should be the you to definitely provided for additional side

After they finally see Aeolus, he turns out to be a climate reporter-variety of shape who gets their orders from the gods, and therefore his predicts, regarding the gods. Just like the gods are constantly changing the age to help you his predicts. The team stops you to definitely on account of all of this a mess, Aeolus have to be mad. Aeolus after that shows you you to because he or she is the master of the new winds, all things transmitted because of the gusts of wind, gifts incorporated, reach him over time. The group continues to offer him the newest caged venti, each other because a gift in order to be in their an excellent graces.

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