I just already been that it and it’s really currently thus gloriously homosexual

I just already been that it and it’s really currently thus gloriously homosexual

I’m excited on exactly how well-balanced and you may suit the connection between Korra and you can Asami was illustrated

in any event Now i need much more reports on the female exactly who avoid attacking more males and you may love each other rather. . a great deal more

You imply “Legend out-of Korrasami” correct? You’ll find kisses, a mention after they knew that they had close attitude for both, telling mothers and members of the family these are generally two, therefore the two collaborating and excellent each other people’s expertise establishes and being supportive. There’s a tiny bit of tension of course, while the Korra’s still naturally natural and you can a beneficial hothead, but it is fixed straight away Your indicate “Legend off Korrasami” best? Discover kisses, a talk about once they realized they had intimate thinking for each other, informing parents and you will friends they have been one or two, and the a couple of collaborating and flattering each other’s experience set being supportive. There’s a small amount of tension of course, because Korra’s nevertheless naturally natural and you may a hothead, but it’s corrected straight away and you may does not elevate (because the Asami can be so even tempered). Oh, and i cherished Kya ahead of however, I am a great deal more in love together today!

I am not sure towards rest of your, but We miss Legend off Korra thus freaking much. Every two years, I get that it insatiable need to rewatch Avatar: The past Airbender, and you may ever since Korra concluded within the 2014, I have collapsed him or her in together with her as one huge rewatch. I’ve found her or him one another so charming and you may calming and you may fun and you can stunning. I’ve also been understanding Gene Luen Yang’s certified comics continuations from Aang additionally the gang, and extremely viewing them, so you wager their ass as i heard there do end up being an offici

I don’t know regarding rest of your, however, I miss Legend out-of Korra very freaking much. All the 2 yrs, I get that it insatiable need so you can rewatch Avatar: The final Airbender, and you will from the time Korra ended for the 2014, We have collapsed her or him in with her all together larger rewatch. I’ve found him or her both very pleasant and you can soothing and you may fun and you may stunning. You will find been already learning Gene Luen Yang’s authoritative comics continuations off Aang additionally the group, and really enjoying him or her, you choice your own butt once i heard there do getting a formal comics continuation regarding Korra, and you can written by one of several show’s co-founders, not less, I’ve been waiting for it for example a small boy on holiday. New collection eventually had a duplicate for me history week, and once i see clearly (double in a row), We quickly come rewatching Avatar: TLA. I’d accomplished one another collection when you look at the week. That is all the to state, which book felt like Korra throughout the methods you to number.

The latest comic sees correct in which i left off, toward newly relationshipped Korra and you can Asami going to own an excellent (romantic) visit to new heart community

However, top given that Black Pony does not proper care (Eg Nickelodeon did) once they let you know female kissing and you will explicitly speak about same intercourse matchmaking. Woooooo!

They just do it now instantly using the Korrasami up within, and i was just such yesssss, along with to get the book down to own a bit to help you calm down. In fact, there’s a complete region later where Kya try talking to Asami and you can Korra on the this lady basic girlfriend plus they talk about the more tribes’ thinking away from sexuality, plus it are very interesting. (However if you might be curious: the water Group does not really care the person you like, providing you don’t talk about your relationships publically, and so are personal regarding the sex as a whole; this new Fire Nation didn’t always care and attention at all, however, Ozai and you can such as for instance made it taboo in battle while the fascism, and simply through the Zuko’s rule was just about it generated judge once more; the planet Kingdom was usually site de rencontres pour célibataires barbus the absolute most resistant and you can old-fashioned and whenever you are discover condemnation try unusual, it performed happens; as well as the Air Country (big surprise here) are openly taking of any sort out-of matchmaking. (P.S. Avatar Kyoshi was completely bi!)

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